Compassion Fatigue.

There is hope. Let's discover it together.

Vet to Vet Coaching

Veterinary Coaching, Writing, and Speaking

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Dr. T's Fun Facts

Favorite Sandwich: The Falafel "Burger" at Wilson's Eatery 

Go-To Sweet Treat: Ritter Dark Chocolate Marzipan

Best Song Ever: Just Breath by Eddie Vedder. Oh. Eddie. Mmm

Words to Live By: "You Can't Fill from an Empty Cup" ... cliche, maybe, but it's true. 

What you Want

To Know...

Vet School: University of Wisconsin, 2007

Grad School (Master's in Bacteriology): U Wisc, 2001

Veterinary Human Support Certificate, University of Tennessee School of Social Work,  October 2020


Executive Coach Training through The Executive Coaching College. Post-graduate, ICF certified executive coaching program. 60 hours completed. 

Small Animal Veterinarian 2007 - present. Yes, I'm still practicing and (most days) still loving it.

Former Owner, Veterinary Housecalls of Raleigh 2016 - 2020