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Discover Confidence.

Lead with Compassion.
Learn to Love Vet Med Again.

Vet to Vet Coaching

Let's Get to Work!


Why Work with Dr. T?

Massive experience (and results) with veterinary leaders.

Heartfelt, personalized, authentic communication.

No judgment. No nonsense. Authentic support.

You deserve to work with someone who gets your world. 

You deserve a highly-trained, experienced coach who knows when to push, when to encourage, when to hold space and (frankly) when to refer.

You deserve a coach who has used their tools FIRST HAND and learned to thrive in this stressful profession AND who has seen these tools work TIME AND TIME AGAIN with other veterinary professionals

Vet School: University of Wisconsin, 2007

Grad School (Master's in Bacteriology): U Wisc, 2001

Veterinary Human Support Certificate, University of Tennessee School of Social Work,  October 2020

Certified Professional Coach, The College of Executive Coaching. Post-graduate, ICF certified executive coaching program

QPR (Suicide Gatekeeper Training) Certified Instructor

Purdue University Certificate in Veterinary Diversity & Inclusion

Small Animal Veterinarian (Urgent Care and General Practice), 16 years

Former Practice Owner, Veterinary Housecalls of Raleigh. 

Do I REALLY need a coach?

"I didn't think I needed coaching. Now I tell everyone they need her.

Dr. Templeton is ... like ... my Veterinary Life Coach." 

Technically, I trained as an executive coach. This means I partner with my clients. I don’t tell them what to do or not to do. I ask future-focused, non-directive question that spark their own creative growth as they achieve their full professional and personal potential.


But a lot of clients think of me as their “Veterinary Life Coach”. Why? Feelings come up. Tough conversations about life and conflict and self doubt emerge. Sometimes there are tears. Often there is laughter. And by the end, there is direction, strategy, a path forward. 


Whether you want 1:1 coaching to dive deeply into massive growth or group-coaching to learn from others, we are here to ignite your professional and personal transformation.  


Group Coaching

Live, Weekly Calls Via-Zoom

Get "speed coached" in front of a group

Observe others' coaching

Learn from others

Groups for Veterinary Team Members OR Practice Managers

(Veterinarian Group Coming soon)


Individual Coaching

Live, one on one coaching calls via Zoom or phone with Dr. Templeton.

Perfect for the veterinary professional ready to get unstuck. Move to the next phase of career or blossom in your current role.

Scheduled weekly to every other week for minimum of 8 weeks, this approach gets results! 



We offer a variety of courses available for hospital groups or directly from Vet to Vet for individuals. Topics include:

Compassionate, Confident Leadership

Burnout Recovery & Resiliency

Boundary Setting

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