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Who Comes First? Team? Self? Client? Patient?

Me: What if I built a practice where my team, including myself, always came first?

Also me: Impossible. You can’t put the team AND yourself first - there will be conflict.

Me: Maybe. Let’s try anyway.

Also me: Impossible. The clients will suffer.

Me: Maybe. Or maybe they’ll benefit from a happy, confident, fulfilled team. Let’s give it a try.

Also me: Impossible. Patient care will suffer.

Me: Perhaps. Or they’ll benefit from a focused, energetic, supported team. Let’s just try.

Does this sound like a fool's errand?

I’m not afraid to feel like a fool.

Does this sound destined to fail? I’m not afraid to fail.

I am eager to build teams that genuinely embrace veterinary professionals as THE priority. I am eager to prove this theory works.

If you’re open to the possibility of putting your team first. If you’re open to the discomfort of trying something that others see as foolish or impossible. If you’re opening to real, meaningful culture change in our field… then let's get to work!

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