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Live, group-coaching exclusively for you.

You carry the weight on the hospital on your shoulders and in your hearts. You deserve time to grow, create, imagine and then deliver a better veterinary experience for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients.

You deserve your own Veterinary Life Coach. 

Spark! vtm. 
tailored  to the unique needs of techs, assistants, and CSRs 


Group Coaching? How does THAT work?

Weekly online meeting.

Volunteer for coaching --> I bring you on camera --> Share your problem or question --> We "speed coach"

Feeling shy? Don't volunteer. Observe others' coaching. Learn the tools. (Eventually get brave and get coached live!)

Have a question but hate the camera? Ask it (anonymously if desired) in the Q&A

Live speed-coaching?

Yes! It works.

I've been part of many group coaching calls.

I often learn more from watching others get coached than getting coached myself.

More than just coaching...

Each week the call begins with a short topic relevant to PMs!

It may be veterinary specific (high turnover, team conflict, standards of medicine when the team and the doctors can't agree)

Or, we may cover something more general (boundary setting as a leader, dealing with the perfectionism of others)

And, you'll have access to educational materials released each week, exclusively for SPARK! members. 

And, can pose "quick questions" to Dr. Templeton in between meetings. 

There is nothing like this. Dedicated, objective, experienced veterinary coaching. Just for you. In the company of your colleagues. 



Am I guaranteed to get coached?

Not on every call. As the group size grows, I will add additional weekly call times and opportunities to be coached. 

What if I have a coaching question but don’t want to be on camera?

No problem! Ask it in the Q&A. (type it in)

Why listen to others being coached?

This is where magic happens! I know that sounds cheesy. But I promise.

When I first participated in group coaching I was skeptical, but I quickly saw the value.

 By watching masterful coaches ask insightful questions, I learned how to ask myself those questions. Even with the problem being addressed was something I didn’t struggle with, I still found myself learning how to analyze situations. Since everyone in these calls will be in the veterinary industry you’ll also get a sense for how your colleagues and co-workers think (even deeper than what you already know) and how to support others in challenging situations. 

What do I get besides the weekly group call? Quick-start lessons from Dr. T at the beginning of every call. Topics range from Boundary-setting to Perfectionism to Conflict with Team Members. 

What types of questions and problems can we bring to group coaching?

Honestly, almost any ... Work. Personal. Conflict. Boundaries. Health goals. Professional goals. Work-life balance. Perfectionism. Frustration with others. Creating psychological safety. Developing self efficacy. Frustration with the team, doctors, practice owners, corporate. We discuss ALL THE THINGS.

What if speed-coaching doesn’t solve my problem?

First, coaching (by itself) doesn't solve the problem.

Speed-coaching, all coaching, is meant to give you a spark, an idea, inspiration, motivation, a new perspective

Then you must GET TO WORK! 

Okay, but what if I go and try and don’t know what to do?

Great question!

You can come back for more coaching the next week or you can follow up with the coach via email. 

As a member of the Spark! Community you can email quick questions.

If that isn’t enough, you can schedule a 1:1 coaching session with her (for a fee). 

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